About Us

NG24 Fitness provides residents of Newark and the surrounding area with a new and state-of-the-art fitness centre to help them reach and maintain their goals. We combine different types of fitness equipment to meet different fitness needs and levels. Our gym has cutting-edge technology and excellent equipment from Life Fitness, one of the world’s most reputable fitness companies. 

At NG24 Fitness, you’ll find all the latest strength and cardio equipment, along with programs that include Boxfit, Circuit training, Bootcamp, Muscle Building and many other cardio CLASSES. You’ll find a supportive environment with people working just as hard as you to meet their fitness goals. 

Our team of qualified gym fitness instructors and personal trainers will give you the knowledge, confidence and ongoing support to help you exercise safely. 

Whether you’re a mom looking to get back into shape, a marathon runner trying to shave a few minutes off your personal best, or just trying to stay healthy, we would love to help you realize your potential and meet your goals!


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