Are you looking to start your fitness journey in a friendly and comfortable environment? You may be a newcomer in the area and you're interested in joining up with your local independent gym. Don't look anywhere else, then! There's no joining fee and no contract to start with. For all your queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

One off Monthly
£30 per month*
Want to try us first before committing to a one year membership? You'll soon be convinced!
1 Year Membership
£300 / year. Paid in full*
Cash or card payment. Save £60 and join our 12 month membership plan.
£7 per day*
Single session gym use in the area for a day or fancy trying somewhere different? Be our guest!
Student / OAP
£25 per month*
£5 per day*
Proof required.
Junior / Youth Aged 14+
£5 per day* / £25 a month
It is crucial for children to step away from the streets and immerse themselves in the welcoming environment of NG24 Fitness. Engaging in physical activities not only promotes better health, but it also offers a safe space for growth and personal development. NG24 Fitness provides a structured setting where kids can learn discipline, teamwork, and perseverance. Additionally, participating in sports and fitness activities allows children to enhance their physical abilities, build self-confidence, and develop valuable life skills. By embracing the opportunities offered by NG24, kids can break away from the negative influences of the streets and channel their energies towards a healthier, more fulfilling future.
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